Les 350 ans de l'Observatoire de Paris

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Compagnie Pandarine

To celebrate the Paris Observatory’s 350 years, go on the Astéria trip proposed by the dance company Pandarine. Freshness, sweetness and poetry, a subtle mixture arising from the combination of two quite different, but nevertheless complementary, universes. A perfect mixture that makes their dance unique. Check out the trailer while waiting for the film being prepared


30 January 2017

“Listen to the music, and feel its message. Then, a rainbow, with brilliant colors. One must now put them in order, ranging from the softest to the most brilliant, or just mix them up in any way. Then invent the start of a story, with a theme, with role-play, which leads to a first motion, then another and another. These ideas guided us in the creation of the theatrical and choreographic material.

“Three different aspects are represented in our choreography: the first is that of the hands and arms, identified as construction units … a choreography very much centered on the upper parts of the body.

“The second is much more abstract and tied to the ground, with a certain tension between two beings who both hate and love each other. A fascinating energy and an atmosphere that reign in a grandiose place amplify still further the desired effect.

“The third is based on poetry. A subtle mixture of lightness and sweetness in perfect tune with the place in question. Quite simply a dream accessible to all.

“Through our dance,  imagination has carried us to three different universes, which represent three different epochs. And everything in one and the same place: the Paris Observatory. First of all, it is a site, a fortress building, which we have filled vertically, starting from the southern terrace and the Grand Gallery close to the original 17th century constructions at its birth, continued by the large Cassini hall bathed in the light of the Sun, whose track is still traced on the ground­­­­­—the meridian, laid out in the 18th century—and finishing in the light of the setting Sun on the roof, which houses the enormous dome built in the 19th century, an avenue towards the stars … We dance through the centuries to incarnate and relive the timeless and universal heritage of the Observatory.”

We live because we dance, and so long as we dance, we live …