Les 350 ans de l'Observatoire de Paris

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Live art in virtual reality

Concert Digital-360 VR

Concert Digital-360 VR is a musical, artistic and virtual reality project created by a group of enthusiasts: artists, engineers, producers, technicians, creators, united in a project which challenges the classical structures of traditional concert shows.
Concert Digital brings together the performers and musicians of live shows to create new structures and kinds of sound shows using virtual reality, 360 video and surround sound. In parallel, the group creates an original 3D concert hall which plunges the spectator into a magical and dreamlike world.

See the panoramic photos while waiting for the film to be produced.

Live art in virtual reality

02 June 2017

The Observatory is a fantastic site for the artists. This magnificent edifice designed to scrutinize the sky and the Universe, huge by its dimensions but also metaphysical, is a source of ideas which one tries to translate via an appropriate medium, by music, by motion for example. The ways to represent space and time are virtually limitless.
The oldest observatory in the world symbolizes historical tradition while being at the same time a center of advanced scientific research, resolutely scrutinizing the future. It seemed to be the ideal place for our project to bring together the creators of knowledge, musicians, dancers, within the framework of the very latest video 360 technologies and immersive sound.

I said somewhere that hearing sound is insufficient, you must also see it. Igor Stravinsky