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A world interferometric station, LOFAR, at Nançay

Today, astronomical projects involve international collaborations. That is the case for the giant radio-astronomical interferometer ALMA (standing for Atacama Large Millimetre-submillimetre Array) with its 66 mobile parabolic antennas, and for the project SKA (Square KilometerArray), as well as for the low-frequency project LOFAR (LOwFrequencyArray). SKA and LOFAR are made up of antennas spread over entire continents. The Observatory is a participant in these projects, and Nançay is one of the 48 receiver stations for LOFAR. The Observatory is also involved in the instrumentation for the European Southern Observatory, and for the observatories that are specializing in the detection of the high-energy radiation of the Universe.

caption : The antennas of LOFAR - credits : Observatoire de Paris